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tax the rich

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    jacque the fatalist shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Paul OBrien commented  · 

        Everyone needs to pay an equal percentage of the money that they have earned or invested! Loopholes that benefit the wealthy need to be closed!

      • erik66 commented  · 

        The rich can either chip in or we can eat them!!

      • gman commented  · 

        i am poor and i would pay more to help another human being

      • John commented  · 

        All people should be taxed fairly and appropriately based on the services that we want to provide to our citizens. Having the money to hire a team to maximize your wealth shouldn't take an "at all costs" approach. There is a moral aspect to being a citizen that is completely lacking in our "corporatocracy/oligopoly".

      • richard commented  · 

        tax the rich eliminate corporate subsidies and rework the tax code.what we are seeing is the greatest separation of wealth this country has ever seen. the deficit is not a terribly dificult problem to solve, we just don't want to prioritise our problem. we spend 2.5 trillion anually on subsidies , let's say 1/3 are corporate, that equals 8 hundred billion, in ten years that's 8 trillion .

      • Sandy Weld commented  · 

        Are corporations included in the "rich?" Don't raise taxes, close the loopholes. Collect what is owed. Sandy

      • Tom commented  · 

        Wow, so let's go ahead and tax the people that sign our paychecks. Has anyone considered the idea that people don't live to work, they work to live?? If you can't go beyond where you're at then are you going to continue to spend your time for the "general good" or are you going to go home early and spend time with your family, therefore stopping your expansion and stop hiring or better let start laying people off? What would you do in their shoes?
        Why do people think that they are ENTITLED to another man's time and skill set. If you want what they have then I would say go get it, but you have pretty much stopped that from happening with ideas like taxing the rich. Has anyone considered the idea that the rich are already rich and taxing the people that are trying to be rich only makes the rich more powerful, therefore giving the already rich more power because no one will ever get what they have? Nope, you are just passing responsibility to others for your entitlement. Stop looking to others for your protection!!! If you want it, go get it!! It is time for those that can to stop being hindered by those that WON'T!!!

      • Elle commented  · 

        This country is in terrible shape since we stopped collecting taxes from those who make the most from our infrastructure. We can see areas in our country that are falling into disrepair and cannot fathom why the Milton Friedman Chicago school of business is running the economic dialog and policy, It was once considered lunatic fringe with good reason, now it's de rigor.

      • Steve Means commented  · 

        Gee, where are all the paid Koch Brothers trolls flaming and obfuscating this post? I'm sure they'll find there way over here, but in the mean time, what a breath of fresh air!

      • Michael Voth commented  · 

        It started with Reagan, this slide, where the rich were gradually given more and more tax breaks. Now, we have corporations not paying any taxes. Like GE. Where are our antitrust laws. more to come. Thank you.

      • Buddy Love commented  · 

        We should all pay our FAIR SHARE of TAXES !!! And tax the companies that HIDE their MONEY overseas (((SEE))) how simple the SOLUTION is ???

      • Jolynn Ziegler commented  · 

        The wealthy need to start paying there fair share.

      • John Kelley commented  · 

        I don't think I'll ever forget how my 401K grew in the last years of the Clinton Administration and how a surplus was created. My feeling is we should return to the tax rates prior to the Bush Tax cuts on the rich. I'm not convinced that not increasing taxes on those who make over a million dollars will hurt the economy. I think when the economy is roaring back, those who make less than a million should have their taxes brought back to what it was for the Clinton era except for elimination of the marriage penalty. On social security, what we pay should be increased and the ceiling should be raised.

      • Norma commented  · 

        It's pathetic when the rich say, I do't mind being taxed, and the republicans say it will harm the economy. Please, we are sick and tired of you treating American as though they were all mentally challenged.

      • Bruce Meland commented  · 

        The Rich and Large Corporations have 95% of our Nations Wealth and can lobby congress not to touch their agendas to become richer. Examples 1. The banks and brokerages houses and Republican House do not want money funded to police the Dodge-Frank Bill, Elizabeth Warrens Oversight Commission, FCIC committtee recommendations, mortgage fraud, causes of oil spills and much more. 2. The multinationals want to control the world but do not want to pay their fair share of taxes, allow competition of small business and cottage industries. Case in point. a. The cotton and synthetic fiber industry will not allow the farmers to grow hemp because of fear of competition. Net result no new job creation and thus hemp needs to be imported from Canada and Europe. b.Monsanto is trying to controll all seeds world wide and is destroying farmland by excessive use of Roundup and GMO seds.c glass fiber insulation companies won't.allow alternative insulation fibers such as natural wool from sheep by rigging the standard fire spread tests. d oil companies are fighting high milage devices on cars and electric cars. e. The rich and multionals have not paid taxes on trillions of dollars and are hiding an estimated 11 trillion dollars in offshore banks in Camen Islands and Switzerland. If this money could be channeled back to the US it would put millions of Americans back to work. and so much more. What I have put here is just the tip of the iceberg. .

      • jack the whip commented  · 

        The Republicans have made recovery difficult because they don't want one. Obama has to fail despite giving them what they wanted--tax breaks for the rich.

        It's time to take them back. And expose the Republican strategy of first giving tax breaks to the rich and corporations and then complaining about government programs that build roads, fund research, support working families, etc. are breaking the bank.

        It's time for all progressives (including the great silent Democrats in the Senate and House) to continually link tax cuts to spending cuts. Only lets start calling tax cuts "revenue cuts." This will expose the class warfare they are waging. Lets put them on the defensive for a change.

      • interested VOTER commented  · 

        How about giving mr. Madoff some real company, about fifty people or more who are directly responsible for all of that bad paper they generated right under the noses of the regulatory agencies that are charged with oversite responsibility. Also how about taxing or penalizing all those huge bonuses that were allowed by big banks and investment houses on wall street!

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