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public funding of elections

Until elections are publically funded and giving or accepting bribes earn felony prison sentances and forfiture of assets, nothing is ever going to change. Ogliarchies do not care about jobs for the masses.

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      • DAN 1 commented  · 

        Volunteerism, as a great strength of We The People, can counter the Capitalistic overemphasis of money as the prime motivator for the Evolution of Our Culture.
        Individuals of the American Populace. Offer your time and skills. Equipment you may have and places from which to broadcast the processes of Our Elections.

      • Mel - Houston commented  · 

        If the president could put initiatives on a national ballot to be voted on by all voters we might find out what the voting public think is right. The president needs to have a way to sidestep the two other branches of the government and go directly to the people of the United States. I personally do not have a whole lot of faith in polling surveys because of the relative small sample size.

        One must remember that the government of the United States has three governing branches. Right now the liberals have control of one and a half of these branches that being the presidency and the senate and the conservatives have control of the house of representatives and the supreme court. If President Obama were to use an executive order to accomplish this change the conservatives would simply take it to the Supreme Court of the United States and have it reversed.

      • gloria lederer commented  · 

        You cannot put any kind of bill thru Congress dealing with election reform; you must go thru a Presidential Executive Order. All the president has to do is issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER restricting the amount of money spent on election campaigns, cut all expense accounts and benefits given to these corrupt congressmen and throw out and outlaw lobbyist.

      • Deep Powder commented  · 

        First, the Supreme Court gave Corporations the rights of a person. So Public Funding is absolutely necessary. When the Responder to the Presidents SOTU Address received $1.5 Million from Bankers then how can you believe a word he said. Aren't these the oligarchs who got us into this mess once the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed in 1999 and Clinton signed it. Who decides who gets what money though? Say $5 is collected for every car license in America. So a Corp. with 100 Cars adds $500 to the pool. This goes to your State and some is sent to the Feds. But who decides who gets what monies in the Primaries? Our State Treasurer who is in charge of Elections now is moonlighting at his old Law Firm which handles, wait on this, Election Law. Talk about a Catch-22.

      • R2deep6it commented  · 

        Go further. Yes we need a mandate for > Corporate Social Responsibility, but it lies at the periphery of the core problem. Were past due at nibbling at the edges of the symptoms, but until we examine the root cause of the problem we will get nowhere. Thus, rethinking Capitalism in its current form is a start point.

        Current Capitalist economic policies cultivate human and resource capital while degrading unsustainable planet life-systems to create cookie cut little consumers designed to serve the interests of self, and support a conceptual framework of human activity that governs every human activity designed to make the capitalist class rich, while the labor class is in a perpetual state of struggle to maintain a dignified standard of living.

      • Joy Robinson commented  · 

        This is the only way we can take back the country for the common good. Until we publicly finance our campaigns and prohibit donations from any entity, nothing else will change. The media must also do its part by adequately covering candidates for office. Oh, if only ....

      • Jack Flood commented  · 

        I agree that changes like this ar necessary. Is there a place the avg jow can be pointed for mass assembly to lazer or point to fruition. Most folks are followers.

      • Denio commented  · 

        Special interests of the the corporations must end in order to put the interests of the people first. It is the only way. Let people who have solutions to the common man have a voice instead of the people who have money to voice their solutions only to then beholden to their donors.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is the only way those politicians will finally listen to the American People and do what they want/need,instead of those special interest lobbyists loaded with cash/influence. The only time these politicians know We exist,is when they're up for re-election. "Get the Money out of Politics"

      • J Kennedy commented  · 

        Until this changes nothing else will.

      • Simon Olesen commented  · 

        So, why hasn't this one happened yet... this is clearly something that the average voter would be thrilled at. This needs to be pushed through congress before the next presidential election so we can start making some actual progress.

      • Frank V commented  · 

        The latest ruling by the Supreme Court giving big business the same rights as citizens is one of the largest threats to our democracy. Where in the constitution is there anything that says corporations have the rights of citizens.

      • common cents commented  · 

        This is the most important first step to correcting all of America's problems.

      • jobrien commented  · 

        anything that destroys our democracy is traitorous and constitutes a felony. Perpetrators, indeed, need jail terms.

      • Dragonfly Chase commented  · 

        We have to all fight at once to take back our democracy from the clutches of greedy liars and thieves! It is every citizen's responsibility to "play their position" and stay on their reps and senators and watch what they say compared to how they vote. Until the gravy train stops, they will never do what we want. Undermining our democracy!

      • Jim commented  · 

        Nothing will change until the BIG MONEY is taken out of the elections!!!!!! Bought and paid for is real in America!!!!!!!!!!

      • greggy commented  · 

        This is the change, more then any other that will restore power to the people and clean up Washington. I can't even begin to state how strongly I feel about this issue. It goes hand in hand with the absurd notion of "corporate personhood"

      • Gail commented  · 

        The greatest issue facing our democracy are special interests and the power of money in our political campaigns.

        Political campaign contributions, the revolving door (politicians becoming lobbyists and lobbyists becoming government advisors and employees), gerrymandering, and the two party system (Democrats and Republicans) who lock out any other political parties from debate reducing competition.

        Building A Democracy Movement

        There is a small but growing movement to amend the U.S. Constitution so that "person" is defined as a "natural person", which would eliminate corporate personhood and therefore eliminate corporations from having free speech constitutional rights and the ability to make campaign contributions.

        The Plan: Restore the First Amendment to its original purpose: to protect the free speech rights of people by:

        1. Raising public awareness of corporate misuse of the First Amendment

        2. Mobilizing grassroots support for reclaiming the First Amendment

        3. Creating a legal environment where courts return to the First's intended purpose

        4. Amending the Constitution to make clear that free speech rights are for people, not corporations

        Move To Amend:

        Liberty Tree:

        Free Speech For People:

        A one-day conference was provided on April 16, 2010 at the University of Wisconsin Law School sponsored by the Liberty Tree Foundation and other organizations addressing the Citizens United decision and featured reactions to it from some of the nation's leading democracy campaigners and experts on the doctrine of corporate constitutional rights. Additional information was provided in what we can do as citizens to regain our democracy.

        Video - Panel 1:

        Video - Panel 2:

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