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Stop outsourcing our jobs overseas

Invest in American labor. Make it more profitable for companies to keep and create jobs in the U.S.A. and less profitable to outsource jobs outside of the U.S.A.

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    Cathie H. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Gail commented  · 

        I agree with Jim's comment :-)

      • dhfabian commented  · 

        We were going in the right direction, growing faster than any other country and enjoying the highest overall quality of life, in the years between FDR and Reagan. Most of these policies were wiped out, using public funds (tax dollars) for massive corporate tax cuts instead, on the long-disproved "trickle down economics" theory. It would be in our own best interests to
        look back at what actually worked, restoring tax rates on the rich/corps to pre-Reagan levels, reinvesting in the American people, rebuilding the country.

      • GrannyBG commented  · 

        Congress voted on a method to bring the jobs back home last year. As I recall the Republicans voted against it.

      • Bob commented  · 

        1.Flat 10% tax, income under $250K/year. www.PeoplesParty.us
        2.Electric and Natural Gas cars are tax free and tax deductable over 5 years.Same for solar and wind energy.
        3.Term limits of 12 years for senators/reps.
        4. Publically traded companies belong to the shareholders. $1M Max salary
        5. Build secure double fence on south border.More guards/cameras.
        6. Medicare, Medicaid, V.A. merge into one healthcare system open to all.
        7. The Small Business Admin. actually gives out loans/grants for seed cap.
        8. One year time limit on fighting wars.
        9. Congressman must Balance the budget or lose half of salary.
        10. Get rid of electorial college for direct vote. Max campaig donation $10k.

      • Jim commented  · 

        Our government needs to make it expensive to outsource through taxes and fees. Make it so hard to outsource that companies will be more inclined to keep jobs in America. Charge a large fee for each offshore employee.

      • Mike S commented  · 

        David MacNeil, CEO of Weathertech (and no I am not him) said "if my neighbor doesn’t have a job, sooner or later I won’t have a job either." He had his auto floor mats made in England. In 2007, he built a factory in the US, creating jobs AND improving quality. You can read his full story at http://www.weathertech.com/UserFiles/file/Note_from_David_MacNeil.pdf.

        We need to rid ouselves of dependence on foreign oil. As long as we are tied to it, we cannot grow. The economy is finally picking up, albiet slowly and gas is now over $3.20 in Central New York. Unless our government has the political resolve to invest in energy independence, and there is no one source, then others will determine our destiny. If only a portion of the money WASTED on the war against terror was used for energy research, we would be well on the way to energy independence. I then believe the jobs and and a strong economy will follow. The rich can only buy so much. It is the middle class that drives the economy.

      • chugcatsts01 commented  · 

        Thats why there are trade tariffs. Corporate america would have you believe it would result in trade wars, but our largest trading partners use them on us all the time. Egypt can happen right here!

      • J-Dogg commented  · 

        If it were easier to identify American-made products, at least we could have the option of buying them, even if they are higher. For instance, a section in a store that is only American-made items. Maybe we couldn't afford as many of them, but buy fewer of the same item. It's a matter of priorities, I know, but at least we could make it easier to do.

      • Sri commented  · 

        In order for American jobs to stay in America, companies have to be able to afford to pay them the prevalent wages. Imagine if the iPhone were to be manufactured here instead of in China. Foxconn pays its assembly line workers $290 a month whereas even with minimum wage employees would have to be paid about $1200 here in the US. Without abolishing minimum wage, you are never going to be able to get those jobs back.

      • Pamela Simpson commented  · 

        I think congress needs to try again to stop tax breaks for outsourcing our jobs actually they should pay an extra tax for every job that goes overseas.

      • Bill J. commented  · 

        We need to stop allowing products to duck our OSHA and EPA laws by made offshore. The same laws need to be followed to sell a product here in the United States whether it's made in Indiana or India. If we are going to regulate the companies that sell here, than we need to eliminate OSHA and the EPA so its a fair playing field. I believe, when workers from the United States of America have a level playing field, they can do it better than anyone in the world.

      • Some of the other side commented  · 

        Well, if you want those jobs in the US then you'll have to be able to be willing to take only a few dollars of pay per hour to rally against the outsourced workers. No one could get by that way and one reason why companies outsource there jobs is so that there economy can grow, and since most of those companies are "based" in the US the US economy grows as well as taxes on that company that goes to government spending. Thus, outsourcing has negative effects, like loss of "US" jobs, but can potentially benefit the US as well.
        -My Two Cents

      • chugcatsts01 commented  · 

        We cannot compete against goverment subsidies and $2.00 an hour labor.
        We are the customer not thier suckers. Our politicions get paid under the table and hidden campaign contributions. Our streets are becoming a breeding ground for crime and violence. The D.C. crowd is playing with dynomite and the citizens are armed to the teeth. Police are out gunned and they are losing thier jobs too. The military is full of contract killers and are tired of fighting sensless wars to keep tyrants in power, they know there is nothing for them at home. A gated community and a rent-a-cop wont protect the super rich from whats coming.I have owned sporting guns for years, I only go to target ranges when absolutely neccesary and wont walk in to a gun show because they have been taken over by a bunch of crazies. My expensive bolt action target rifles are outnumbered five to one by AK47's and AR15's. Machine gun shoots have replaced precision match competition. Its coming to your neighborhood soon!

      • Rufus commented  · 

        Here's an interesting article (Jan. 14, 2011) regarding the 2010 outsourcing of 800 U.S. jobs in the solar panel production industry (Evergreen Solar):


        The article details why the company decided to fire its 800 workers and move to China, even after it received a 21 million dollar state grant AND 22 million dollars in tax credits! (dudes, I want MY money back!!) Somehow, I wish our U.S. company CEO's would have a moral compass, in addition to their obvious financial compass.

      • Eyesongov100 commented  · 

        We need to do what the French and German based companies have already started doing in Tennessee, building factories and making solar panels, power turbines etc., why is it that American owners always wait too late to start building and producing and manufacturing in this country? Take a big look at Alstom, and a german based company,{unfortunately I can't recall the name of the company, i think it starts with an "S", but I read about it in a magazine while visiting a Northwest Georgia college mid year 2010), these companies are getting a headstart in what we all know is going to be a big job creator, power turbines, solar panels etc. Congress, roll up your sleeves and do what is necessary to free the funds businesses are setting on, so we can get back to work!!!!!

      • chugcatsts01 commented  · 

        This is a no brainer! We cannot have american companies having thier products produced in third world or foriegn countries that subsidize industries [that includes farming] and then sell them back in the USA. The wealthy get all the benefits and its our own polititions that aid the greed at the top.

      • Graham commented  · 

        Why doesn t the elcted officials get it? If our jobs are gone, we buy anything without jobs?
        It is just that simple to me, why not them?

      • Rufus commented  · 

        The AFL-CIO now has a website that has a zip code-searchable database of U.S. companies that have laid off workers due to outsourcing: workingamerica.org/jobtracker/. While we are patiently(!) waiting for our government to implement policies to stop outsourcing of our jobs, we can also “vote with our feet” by checking out this database before making purchases.

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