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Repeal mandate enabling corporations the rights of persons without the accountability. Regulate them

What's the point of having a government that colludes with corporations? Wonder if we wouldn't be better off without one if no regulatory apparatus exists for unaccountable institutions. Let them prove their worth to the public they thrive on or ban them, revoke their charters.

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    Tony shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Elle commented  · 

        This is the best way to destroy democracy and the Supreme Court has blood on its hands.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The Citizens United decision is just one more step towards corporate facism and away from democracy. This misinterpretation of the constitution is another legacy of the Bush regime, never would've happened without his Court appointees. Congress could rectify it but Republicans wouldn't allow that, or should say their owners wouldn't allow it. That mess in D.C. is the cause of all U.S. problems!

      • Paul Vecchiet commented  · 

        One of the evils in Coroporate America is ALEC: The American Legislative Exchange Council - A super lobby group set up to push proposed legislation to representatives written by coroparate lawyers, all to increase profits while relaxing important restrictions that protect consumers and the environment.

      • Bob commented  · 

        1.Flat 10% tax, income under $250K/year
        2.Electric and Natural Gas cars are tax free and tax deductable over 5 years.Same for solar and wind energy.
        3.Term limits of 12 years for senators/reps.
        4. Publically traded companies belong to the shareholders. $1M Max salary
        5. Build secure double fence on south border.More guards/cameras.
        6. Medicare, Medicaid, V.A. merge into one healthcare system open to all.
        7. The Small Business Admin. actually gives out loans/grants for seed cap.
        8. One year time limit on fighting wars.
        9. Congressman must Balance the budget or lose half of salary.
        10. Get rid of electorial college for direct vote. Max campaig donation $10k.

      • Sandy Winnemuellers commented  · 

        Unscrupulous corporations do a lot of damage to our society by hiding behind the 14th amendment that was passed in the late 1800's which gives the them the bizarre right to be considered "persons" with all the societal rights thereof. A corporation can force themselves into a community even if every person in that community has voted against them moving in. The corporations will take the town to court and sue them for discrimination just as a person might. The amendment was originally passed by a corrupt Supreme Court decision in favor of the railroads against state's rights and the railroads won out big time. This decision has been one of the most destructive ever passed throughout the 4 corners of the world and needs to be changed. This recent Supreme Court decision called Citizen's United was also decided by a very corrupt Supreme Court panel that gives the corporations the right to donate unlimited amounts of money to any electoral candidate that they want without any obligation towards transparency. This Supreme Court is a panel of activist judges that have made a decision that just leads us deeper into the darkness of corporate rule. There are many bright spots though- Egypt, Wisconsin, the the recent court decision in Ecuador against Chevron and for the Ecuadorians who sued them for dumping huge amounts of toxic chemicals into the Rainforest rivers effectively contaminating them and killing hundreds. They are refusing to pay the judgement to Ecuador so we need to let them know that we will not use their gas or stop at their convenience stores until they pay the judgement and act responsibly. Just one more corporation to boycott. Don't buy your gas at Chevron and spread the word! http://chevrontoxico.com/

      • George commented  · 

        By using our combined buying power as customers we can reverse to corporate takeover of our government. First, we won’t get any meaningful changes through simply identifying the problems and complaining or through the current already rigged political and legal system. One that multinational corporations have bought, own and control through their combined spending of billions in campaign contributions and lobbyists. Corporations have put politicians in government to deregulate themselves, allow them to ship jobs overseas, create corporate tax loopholes, suck multimillion dollar quarterly bonuses out for a select few while laying off workers and cutting salaries, even deregulated banks so they can legally rob you. This is neither democracy or free enterprise. Our government has been stolen from within.

        The answer is, through COORDINATED, TARGETED BUYING BOYCOTTS at www.buyingfreeze.org Corporations can buy all the lobbyist, politicians and write all the laws they want, even brainwash half the population through Fox news, it doesn’t matter. A company must have us as their customers or they are out of business, period. It is just that easy and simple. Without us progressives as customers any company’s sales are cut in half. We simply isolate one company at a time in each industry and stop buying their products until they meet the specified demands. If a large enough group of consumers pledge to do this, in six months the targeted company will be on the verge of bankruptcy. They have no defense for this. If they want to do us like this, let them feel the pain with us. Rather than our government operating to protect the public’s interests, as it is designed to do, it operates to protect corporate interests instead. No one has to quit their job or march in the street, simply don’t buy a Ford until Ford publicly joins us in calling for import tariffs, on all products brought back into the U.S. which (1) takes away the benefits they derive from exporting jobs. (2) The government will collect billions in import tariffs, resulting in paying down the debt and (3) lower income taxes for all. Then we lift the buying freeze on Ford and impose it on GM unless or until they do the same thing. If they want to sell cars in America, they should either make them here and use American labor or pay the tariff equal to what they are saving by exploiting overseas cheap labor and avoiding taxes. They do this so they can re import them back in and charge Americans higher prices than they can if they sold them in the country where they were made, which they currently do, at one fifth of the price. Find out more and become united at www.buyingfreeze.org Do your part, send a link to everyone you know, join up and stay connected.

        As for the banking industry, move your account to any bank other than Bank of America until they lower interest rates to no more than 19% on the highest category of credit cards. Any rate over 19% in the 1980’s was illegal predatory lending and criminal. Either Bank of America will reduce the rates or no one will use their credit card services, until they do. Then, lift the buying freeze and impose it on Wells Fargo. Every one will be switching back to Bank of America at the new lower rates and dumping Wells Fargo if they don’t drop their rates also.
        Look what happened in Egypt in less than 3 weeks! Poland over threw communism in less than 8 weeks with a general strike of dock workers in 1980’s http://www.onwar.com/aced/data/papa/poland1980.htm

      • Last Iconoclast commented  · 

        Absolutely NOT,... AND,.. we should have a super bowl with no referees too!
        Rules only stifle excellence!

      • Deep Powder commented  · 

        Republicans no longer exist. Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower would not recognize America today. The Supreme Court MAKES Laws as stated. We now have Professional Politicians whose only job is re-election and grabbing Power. The Tea Party is delusional. They will soon join them. Until a True Populists movement back to the Center and the ideas proposed on this site happen, nothing will change. Rachel gives you ideas here about what Obama in his SOTU and Ike were saying:
        Obama must use the Bully Pulpit and all his Presidential Powers to actually Change and give Hope. Triangulating for re-election will not help. The Oligarchs are too entrenched.

      • zigdog commented  · 

        This issue goes back a long way. In the 1950's the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the argument that the 14th amendment included corporations, thus giving them the right of individuals. To change this would require the Supreme Court to overrule itself regarding this decision or Congress amend the 14th amendment. Both are highly unlikely.

        P.S. Go Dylan Ratigan!

      • JamesJoyce commented  · 

        BTW, Corporate Consolidations of power like GE. COMCAST AND NBC, never turns out good for the consumer! Higher prices and more brainwashing? More, Dylan Ratigan is the antidote!

      • gloria lederer commented  · 

        Every idea I read is needed, but will not get thru congress, til you fix congress first. You
        cannot go thru Congress, you must go thru Presidential Executive Order

        All the president has to do is issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER restricting the amount of money

        spent on election campaigns, cut all expense accounts and benefits given

        to these congressional crooks and throwout and outlaw lobbyist.

        The rest would take care of itself. Crooks want money, and power and

        congress is full of crooks, take away the money and power.

        These congressional crooks will not want these jobs.

        An executive order like this can be issued to save our democracy by declaring

        that this is a National Government Emergency. The President has the power, he is a very good man,

        but he won't fight these money brokers unless we demand he do so.

        That is the message that needs to be sent, force Obama to stand up for

        our democracy, because fascism is now in control.

        Election Reform will take away the power from these corporations in chosing the candidates for office that they want and we can get people in office

        who love America and have the best interest at heart for the middle class, labor, and manufacturing. We have to start here and force out these

        rotten politions and supreme court justices that are bought and paid for by greedy rich corporations and foreign money

      • JamesJoyce commented  · 

        I think it would be safe to say Jefferson and Madison would not agree with Citizens United? In fact this decision protects the interests of corporations just as the Taney Court's Scott vsSanford protected and perpetuated the institution of slavery.

      • JamesJoyce commented  · 


        "Most Americans don’t know it but Thomas Jefferson, along with James Madison worked assiduously to have an 11th Amendment included into our nation’s original Bill of Rights. This proposed Amendment would have prohibited “monopolies in commerce.” The amendment would have made it illegal for corporations to own other corporations, or to give money to politicians, or to otherwise try to influence elections. Corporations would be chartered by the states for the primary purpose of “serving the public good.” Corporations would possess the legal status not of natural persons but rather of “artificial persons.” This means that they would have only those legal attributes which the state saw fit to grant to them. They would NOT; and indeed could NOT possess the same bundle of rights which actual flesh and blood persons enjoy. Under this proposed amendment neither the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, nor any provision of that document would protect the artificial entities known of as corporations."

      • R2deep6it commented  · 

        Go further. Yes we need a mandate for > Corporate Social Responsibility, but it lies at the periphery of the core problem. Were past due at nibbling at the edges of the symptoms, but until we examine the root cause of the problem we will get nowhere. Thus, rethinking Capitalism in its current form is a start point.

        Current Capitalist economic policies cultivate human and resource capital while degrading unsustainable planet life-systems to create cookie cut little consumers designed to serve the interests of self, and support a conceptual framework of human activity that governs every human activity designed to make the capitalist class rich, while the labor class is in a perpetual state of struggle to maintain a dignified standard of living.

      • Tom B commented  · 

        As Teddy Roosevelt said a century ago..."We must drive the special interests out of politics... For every special interest is entitled to justice, but not one is entitled to a vote in Congress, to a voice on the bench, or to representation in any public office." We will NEVER have a true democracy until the special interests are removed from politics.

      • Rich Zubaty commented  · 

        This is at the bottom of everything. End Corporate Personhood, and that ends corporate rights to "free speech" which is the twisted legal abomination they use to buy our politicains with money and generic "issue" advertising. Money is not speech except in a society that honors "one dollar one vote" over "one person one vote."

      • Lana Hampton commented  · 

        We can not have a democratic system if corporations are given the same rights as individuals. Too bad this is isn't clearly understood by certain justices on the Supreme Court.

      • Ray in L.A. commented  · 

        Also, of the 100 largest economic units on earth, 51 are multi-national corporations (MNC) ... not countries ... and by the way, if the MNC doesn't behave in the interest of America and its' economy, it should be treated just like a foreign corporation re: its' access to our market ...

      • 1Lt commented  · 

        Arlen Specter in his last speech before the Senate stated that Roberts and Alleto's actions as Supreme Court Justices was in direct contradiction to the testimony they had given (under oath) before Congress during their conformation hearings. Specters charge was unmistakeably that they had committed perjury and was proven by their decision in the Citizens United.

        A trial to Impeachment Roberts and Alleto for the act of perjury would go a long way in re-establishing the creditability of the Justices in the US Judicial systems and that perjury will not be tolerated regardless of who commits it before Congress. Something that Congress has been willing to overlook over the past decade.

        "Citizen United" was not a decision by the Supreme Court but in fact a CREATION of the Supreme Court.

      • Shirley C commented  · 

        Are corporations citizens? If not, they have NO rights. Can they vote as an entity? Can they serve in the military?

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