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Infrastructure; lets rebuild roads, bridges, sewers, lay railroad tracks for highspeed trains, etc.

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    Jeff Schroeder shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Frank A Crosby commented  · 

        INOVATION for this Century

        Don't go backwards, Innovate and think as was done in between 1880 and 1920.
        Their are many Tezla's in America but are not given the opportunity to show what they can do. In Agriculture, they are everywhere. in America. As for me
        i built an organization Called the World Federation of Science and Engineering
        in Southern California for people who thought the way you do Dylan. We could do that again with all the people who are drawn to you and your activities. just with my attempt in the 70's we drew 5,00 members, a monthly magazine and 7 projects in housing innovation, Electric automobiles, Clean water systems, cold fusion, Systems engineering of Robots, Agriculture stimulation Systems using Tesla idea's, advanced Nuclear systems.and Medical Health innovations.
        All these systems came from Traditional Academics and garage type innovators. It can be done again to get America going. If your interested let me know.

        Frank A Crosby

      • DAN 1 commented  · 

        Yes. But only if such investment of funds and labor Truly enables America to become "more" and "better".

        Are Our present railroads still being propped up by government? I have never understood why railroads can't operate at, at least, a moderate profit.

      • Bob commented  · 

        1.Flat 10% tax, income under $250K/year. www.PeoplesParty.us
        2.Electric and Natural Gas cars are tax free and tax deductable over 5 years.Same for solar and wind energy.
        3.Term limits of 12 years for senators/reps.
        4. Publically traded companies belong to the shareholders. $1M Max salary
        5. Build secure double fence on south border.More guards/cameras.
        6. Medicare, Medicaid, V.A. merge into one healthcare system open to all.
        7. The Small Business Admin. actually gives out loans/grants for seed cap.
        8. One year time limit on fighting wars.
        9. Congressman must Balance the budget or lose half of salary.
        10. Get rid of electorial college for direct vote. Max campaig donation $10k.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        lets make the ones making record breaking profits unjustly pay for it.

      • Helene commented  · 

        Something must be done to stop the bleeding of American jobs overseas. In my opinion, the problem with the bailout was that money was lent out without any strings attached. The bailed out lending institutions should have been required to grant more loans to creditworthy businesses as a condition to receiving government funds. Also, there should be tax incentives for companies to hire American workers and tax penalties for those that outsource jobs.

      • Dylan Maharrey commented  · 

        How can anyone be against this? It doesn't cost any money. The government pays the workers a wage, and then collects an income tax on it. The money that isn't taxed gets spent on things like food, clothes, bills and other things that help the average American survive every day. The money being spent at the stores/restaurants/etc., ACTUALLY gives companies an incentive to hire which, shockingly enough, starts the cycle over again. When are we going to realize that our problem is, at the very core of it all, joblessness. THIS CAN BE SOLVED!!

      • Alan L. commented  · 

        This is a very necessary step in putting Americans back to work. It's the first move the government should make. The second step, cranking up new industry, is likely harder to do. That is more long-term and involves changing the attitude much of country had in the last 3 decades (something Ratigan does). Everybody wanted to go to Wall Street; nobody wanted to make anything. Other factors in our joblessness (besides outsourcing) was the increase of women in the workplace, the replacing of jobs with robots and software, and the pushing up of the retirement age, leaving boomers too long in the jobs system, gumming up the works. Overall, we are poor at planning and prefer to fly by the seat of our pants.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Necessary work and it creates jobs too!!

      • Larry commented  · 

        Feed the American worker with money, or teach him how to feed himself with a job? Ummm... JOBS!

      • rjdaniels commented  · 

        For all those Americans who want to work and who are looking for work and on unemployment, why don't we give them jobs repairing our infrastructure, working in our schools,jails, courthouses, cities, ect. They can work for the money they make(plus a little more) and they will feel needed and accomplished as they look for work. For those who need more training for the jobs of tommorrow, require they they go to school. There are many people with the experience they need who can teach them who are also unemployed!!!. We can solve these problems if we do what the citizens did during the other DEPRESSION. Hurman Dignity for those of us who want and need to work. For those who are lucky enough to have a job to support their familes, lest you forget that it could be you next week. We can put this in place is a short period of time. We will not be spending any more money, and the whole of the country will benefit. Seems so simple to me!!!

      • Dan commented  · 

        JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

      • Brainwashed commented  · 

        Why are we rebuilding infrastructures all over the world and not here? Look at germany and how they have prevailed and stayed away from the banking scam the U.S.A. and the U.K. fell into.

      • Frank V commented  · 

        We are missing a opportunity to not only stimulate our economy but catch us up with the rest of the world with high speed trains covering the entire United States.

      • peter d roman commented  · 

        yes- but only if can be paid for with defence dollars

      • Sean commented  · 

        We have 9.8% unemployment so fixing roads, building bridges, and laying rail lines creates jobs. The stimulus was not enough, we should be doing this on the level that the WPA did during the 30's

      • Sally commented  · 

        I really like this idea and wish that Obama had strongly supported this during the first part of his administration. Building and improving our infrastructure would "kill two birds with one stone": it would create jobs and it modernize our very old bridges, roads, etc. Building high-speed trains is a great idea for our economy. It would reduce our need for oil and improve the environment.

      • singletaxonland commented  · 

        The problem with more infrastructure is the tax money invested into rebuilding America ends up being a wealth transfer to landowners. The value of land increases even though the landowner did nothing. They receive a windfall from the taxpayer.

        Downstream this culminates into another land bubble financial disaster. Until the Rental Value of Land is recaptured by the taxpayer this privilege for the non-producer will continue.

      • Brainwashed commented  · 

        Our infrastructure is in such a sad shape and there are so many factors involved with the costs. The worst part of repairing our system is using IMPORTS and not American Made Products to rebuild our country. It should be MANDATORY if american tax dollars are paying for this then Americans and American Products should have top priority.
        Of course like everything else it is a political football.
        As a union construction worker I can tell you the Stimulus Package has created and saved jobs in the Construction Industry.
        I haven't seen any tax cuts creating any jobs, it just creates more wealth for the already wealthy.

      • James commented  · 

        This could be done at reduced cost if the middle man was removed. I worked on State University projects that hired the labor from labor pools and did the engineering themselves. This resulted in jobs for the working man, and a tax savings for the citizens of New York. Much of the work could be designed by the Army Corp of Engineers, Universities and the Public entities that need the work. More workers hired more taxes paid into the system adds to the savings.

      • Simon Olesen commented  · 

        This issue is one that is widely ignored in political discourse surrounding elections. Countries like China, Japan, and many european countries are surpassing us in infrastructure in ways that we never dreamed would happen. This could create millions of US jobs while providing us with a solid foundation for a strong economy in the future. I would give this 1000 votes if I could.

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