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Community-based sustainable business creation

Our microbusiness incubator is working. We're not just creating jobs, we're creating businesses & revitalizing an old Albertson's which sat empty and underutilized for several years which is helping the whole community! We have rebranded the marketplace to Community Renaissance Market, which better reflects the work going on within the space. At this time most of our businesses are sole proprietorships or family-run businesses. We are also working with Disaboom [http://www.disaboom.com/] to create jobs/businesses for people with disabilities [PWDs] and returning veterans. I have a special connection to the PWD community because of my late husband Keith Hogan [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiwHyeY9QRM]. He didn't let anything stop him and went on to graduate with a finance degree from the University of Texas at Austin, founded a bank and was a successful builder & developer...all without the use of his arms or legs. We began developing the vision which has become Community Renaissance Market before his death because we knew that there was an underserved population which wants to actively create financial sustainability in their lives. This can be achieved through the use of accessible technology within a community of like-minded individuals. Community Renaissance Market now houses a variety of locally-owned microbusinesses with products ranging from antiques, organic dog treats and fair trade jewelry, to locally-grown food and art to a disability resource & job training center. We have already been approached about duplicating this model in other cities and will be very happy to share information as it develops.

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    Ruth Glendinning shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • mark commented  · 

        i want to see dylan focus on free energy technology and zero point energy because its much safer and cleaner. if any body agrees with me please flood dylan with EMAILS FAXES or FACEBOOK him.

      • DAN 1 commented  · 

        I think this project would interface well with "Worker Owned Companies" and "Citizen Team Lending". All of this can help The American People to gain Freedom from new world order and corporate tyranny...not to mention international debt.

      • Republicans, I have the answer to your calculus commented  · 

        So, all that pain of our ugly world, that which derives from ego and self love.
        We want to experience it..but in time...it must resolve...for the pain gives way to insight and resolution, enlightment. And in that view it is necessary, makes us stronger and more 'complete'

        Hence, accelerated darkness always has the risk of destroying you as a person, but every time they attack, they take a risk.

        They take the risk of you realizing the higher meanings and your true potential through self examination and perfecting yourself..through fire....

        You become a survivor, strong, they become weak, decrepit, pathethic and fearful.

        Every time you survive makes you a more complete information being, and let's you accelerate the time of enlightenment ahead for future generations...who wink back at you.

      • Republicans, I have the answer to your calculus commented  · 

        That is what is so pure about higher semantic meaning functions and tautology...you find an absolute...a 2+2= 4.
        But you only get greater depth through contrast. Absolutes through relatives. The higher order mathematics.

        You cannot debate meaning and semantics for it only reflects you ad your imperfections.
        you can reach these truths through spirituality , religion or intellect.

        The more you perfect the subocncious systems of hab behavior tembisa the 'observer' functions (semantics) align in turn, giving rise to greater stability and peace

        For if there is peace in the heart and mind of man, there is peace worldwide.

      • Republicans, I have the answer to your calculus commented  · 

        Hi, i believe I know the meaning of existence on earth. Earth is an absolute free will zone, that means no intervention takes place even on plea, for that very act would take away our free will. Hence, Ive figured the political solution. You see, our current system of governance is set up so the utilitarian end at any moment in time is directly opposed to the utilitarian ebd. The utilitarian end is in fact free will, for it exposes all possibilities of existence and by doing so a natural equilibrium emerges...if something doesn't 'work out' it 'meshes' with another puzzle peice to make another Oder work. Hence, by having absolute free will, you Get greater growth and evolution, because you are allowing sufficient flexibility in the system so that it may reach equilibrium faster and hence less 'pain'. however, government operates the opposite way, it tries to rationalize a dynamic behaviour or puzzle peice and then has a 'best fit' to predict future behavior, thinking it can control this ordered chaos to it's liking. However, in practice and mathematically in complex systems what ends up happening is an amplification of the imperfections within the system through government. By trying to 'make the pain easier' you actually make it worse because you are not solving the instability that gave rise to the problem. It is akin to plugging a hole just to find another problem of greater magnitude present itself: you are stuck in the same place downstream. The best way to resolve th instability is not to resist but to move with it. The problem with politics is that it's always directly opposed to what is utilitarian because it's basing decisions on what is popular at every singuLar moment in time rather than the long haul, but like any zen master will tell you, what is utilitarian is only utilitarian depending on the length of time you are taking ('we'll see).

        If the unite states must go liberal, and raise taxes and fall off a cliff, then let it, for the whole mathematical permutation is based on a flawed assumption, that top down control is the best way; sooner or later, it self destucts, and all the karma of imperfection will come to be rectified..to extreme fiscal conservatism...in time...

        In a way, the USA as an organism needs to 'experience' the ultra liberal reality so it may 'get it out' of it's system.

        The way the dark perpetuates is by self justifying an illusion:

        You need top down control to regulate the world, because there are so many problems, so when a problem occurs, even if it's caused by the very system of observation (see the government an large monopolistic institutions, such ss lobbies see themselves as observer but in fact they are just part of the system...they cause problems that the allow them to fix and justifythemselves, this is why it's called the illusion), it sees it as an outside Event ANd corroborates the premise that gave rise to it.

        The worst thing conservatives could do, if utilitarianism is he goal to time I infinity, is not to attach themselves to this upcoming crisis now on your horizons...it is inevitable...you cannot prevent it. If you resist you only give the dark another excuse...let them push it forward..for in their arrogance they will be endlessly enslaved to your way in time.

        The politically shrewd move is to present the keep taxes low card and let th democrats sink the boat with spending, causing acourse correction.

        But if you really want the best for your country, and have faith, you know that which is finite, cannot keep growing forever...

        Do not resist. Let them raise taxes, go kamikaze. For there are two possible futures, you resist, there is a course correction, but then there is demand for higher taxes on the rich later..giving you a hybrid of low spending and moderate taxes...not a good recipe for growth but great for china..

        Or you allow them to go to the kill zone...and then the markets react prematurely, the pain is felt Intensely in singular moments of time, government is Appropriately blamed...and msoderate spending with low but broad taxes is acheived.

        In the end, is it about you or the utilitarian end?

        Trust me. If you are selfless, you win. If you make a heavy stand, you lose. The more likely future of the Mconnal starting point gives you a win over democrats but only partially. The world will definitely go more conservative fiscally over time, Due to a global culture and technological progress, but there will sti be residue from today's decisions up to '25. The imbalance takes longer to rectify, and hence there is greater suffering than the Absolute win, even though you will be better off than the stubborn stand.

        All these futures have already happened. It is your choice as to whic future is yours upon observation and closing down the wave function. Choose wisely hint: this does affect your observation ;)

      • Anonymous commented  · 


        Off world. Sovereign status can be abolished if desired.

      • Ruth Glendinning commented  · 

        @Tim, I have not heard of Michael Shuman's book, but it sounds interesting.

      • tim holt commented  · 

        I was surprised to see this story, It seems very similar to a proposal I intended to make. Mine however was not born of reading Michael Shumans book "Going Local". He advocates Community Corporations,stock shares owned only by residents of the community and limited in number to avoid narrow control. This keeps the company local benifiting the community.
        The book has lots oif ideas that will help make a community sustainable.

      • thelightsource commented  · 

        oh leftists.....you may get your wish of a collapsed economy, but you won't inherit the earth...

        oh? we've been watching you for a very very long time you see, as you tried to collapse the economy through the unions, passed legislation to ....get to certain outcomes...

        yess, we've watched how you've tried to degrade....and corrupt/...and destroy the system...how you want to collapse the US economy..

        im just here to tell you that your dreams have been realized, it will very likely happen due to several factors that have coalesced...but unfortunately, i must inform you you won't be inherting the earth....

        oh no, you see, it was the leftists who destroyed the economy, the...angry unions, you see.... and raising taxes will be prohibitive in an ever competitive world....sure, the banks were to blame ,but they were in bed with government as well...and well, we can't have banks...AND UNIONS...getting in the way of progress...


        you will get your wish...but...it will not resolve as you might have imagined
        there are plenty of wonderful outcomes that I can forsee right now on this nice evening and well...

        lets just say, the legal system may not be as forgiving after your economic collapse...

        no, the eventuality might be meander quite a bit im afraid....

        because of your evil hatred and anger, you've awakened something even more disturbing...

        something that will rectify the world, at your expense...details are for later, but legally, and society, will likely reach certain measures...to make sure things are in order, and we simply cannot have those who will bring chaos to society, oh no...

        chaos is not desired, not in an increasingly connected world where a mob can be created out of thin air...

        no, you see, only stability, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness....after this long awaited period of collapse and suffering....

        will prevail.

      • Ruth Glendinning commented  · 

        Thanks Rick. We're using the tried & true formula for success: show up, do the work ;-)

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